Franny Froehlke Kirby


He has cured my severe jaw pain from TMJ. Very much worth the cost!

Yong Thatcher

My wife Yong I. Thatcher had TMJ, facial pain, and overall her head was always in pain from mild to severe.

We had been treated at University of Seattle, University of Alabama and several other hospitals. None helped any of her pain. At Seattle she was treated for approx one year with no change in her TMJ or facial pain. The same with University of Alabama.
We had been going to these Medical facilities for over since 1986 with little results. There were also many referrals to smaller clinics over the years that also failed to help her. We was sent to one TMJ specialist in Alabama that help us with appliances that lessen her pain and jaw movement but still Yong had pain and facial movement sometimes severe.
He went out of business and he recommended Brandon M. Snell, Enterprise, Alabama.
The first visit he asked a hundreds questions about her past treatments, her symptoms, and her overall health. This took a while because of all the information we had to share with him and his staff.
Remember that for the past 34 years of treatments we tried to remember all the treatments that she had. But as he asked more questions we started to recall some things we had forgot about and told him of our treatment by other specialists. He told us it would take some time to evaluate and put together all the information that we had presented to him. We scheduled an appointment to return.
Upon returning for the next appointment he had more questions. The he gave us his recommendations of what treatment that he wanted to do.
We had never, in all the 34 years heard the kinds of treatments that he was recommending to us. Dr. Brandon gave us options to consider, and after talking to him to make a decision and his recommendation we made this statement. We trust you and what ever treatment you recommend we will do. He made Yong I Thatcher an appliance and we went home praying that this Dr. Brandon would be the ONE who would ease her pain and facial movement.
We returned to home that day and waited from any results. On the third day after returning home her face movement decreased, her eyes movement decreased, her shaking decreased and for the first time in 34 years she had a calm come over her that the treatment the Dr. Brandon had recommend was working.
On our next appointment we wanted to surprise Dr. Brandon to see the change in Yong’s face. He and his stall was surprised to see such change in her face.
There has been a few highlights, milestones in our lives and this one was one of the most life changing experiences we have had.
I have been a Pastor for 28 years and this is one of the times that the Lord blessed my family through Dr. Brandon and his staff.
Again my family thanks you and we will keep you and staff in our prayers