Brie Galley

Enterprise, Alabama

Franny Froehlke Kirby

Enterprise, Alabama

Yong Thatcher

Pensacola, Florida

My name is Brie Gilley, a 29-year-old married mother of two living a busy lifestyle. I have always been prone to stress and worry, particularly about things beyond my control. Recently, I started experiencing flare-ups on the right side of my face and jaw, accompanied by pain that radiates to the back of my neck and shoulders. These episodes used to last just a few days and occur infrequently, but they have become more intense and prolonged in the past six months. The pain has been unbearable, disrupting my sleep and requiring me to rely on pain relievers. I even resorted to sleeping with an icepack to reduce inflammation and alleviate the discomfort. I noticed that certain foods and stressful situations trigger these flare-ups more frequently. That’s when I saw Dr. Brandon Snell’s OROFACIAL PAIN CLINIC sign and decided to reach out. The next day, I spoke with Mrs. Dawn to schedule an evaluation, and she provided me with helpful information regarding insurance and appointment costs. The evaluation with Dr. Snell was thorough, and he showed great professionalism, knowledge, and a positive attitude. He took the time to listen to my long-standing stress and anxiety issues and provided valuable guidance. Dr. Snell diagnosed me and discussed a treatment plan that included a night-time mouth guard to address my teeth clenching and grinding. Although the mouthguard was a bit pricey, the relief I have experienced is worth every penny. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Snell and his team for their help and support. I highly recommend them to individuals of all ages seeking relief from orofacial pain.

He has cured my severe jaw pain from TMJ. Very much worth the cost!

My wife Yong I. Thatcher suffered from TMJ, facial pain, and chronic head pain. We sought treatment at various medical facilities, including the University of Seattle and University of Alabama, but experienced little relief. Despite trying numerous treatments since 1986, her symptoms persisted. After a referral, we came across Dr. Brandon Snell, DMD in Enterprise, Alabama. During our initial visit, Dr. Brandon thoroughly examined Yong’s medical history and symptoms. He took his time to understand her condition and recommended unique treatments that we had never heard of before. We trusted his expertise and decided to proceed with his recommended treatment. Dr. Brandon provided Yong with a specially designed appliance, and we returned home with hopeful prayers. Within just three days, we began to witness positive changes in Yong’s face movements, eye movements, and overall stability. At our next appointment, Dr. Brandon and his staff were amazed by the transformation in Yong’s face. This experience has been one of the most life-changing milestones for us. As a pastor of 28 years, I consider it a blessing from the Lord that our family found relief through Dr. Brandon and his team. We sincerely thank them and offer our prayers for their continued success.